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Friday, January 31, 2003
I just want to make it very clear that I did not vote for the party that produced our current Prime Minister (all so known as 'The Rodent' or 'Prime Miniature'). Is that enough clarification? I thought that might be the perfect way to start off an otherwise uneventful post.

I've been instructed to mention that the KG now has his own blog ...so let's all extend a warm welcome to him ....yaaaah! He's awfully keen for u to all go to the link on the left (for those of u who have trouble following my instructions ... move your mouse over the words "The KG Exposed" and click .... it'll take u right there, promise!) and read his most enthralling words .... HEY, they got me! Apparently the concept of blogging is new to our neighbours across the Tasman, so forgive his bare blog, but I guarantee the bit we're all there to read has plenty of substance.

Now, to the title of my blog 4 today ...I'm sure it sounds familiar to many of u! I'd like to say it was inspired by something that happened just a few short hrs ago. In what felt like a scene straight out of the film 'American Beauty', tonight I was in the Aquatic Centre car park, (picking up JJ's brother, Ben) and saw a balloon skittering about on the road, being swept around by the turbulence trailing each vehicle. It even got completely run over, and bounced rapidly between the road surface and the underside of the car's chassis. How it didn't burst is beyond me, but as they say, sometimes there's just so much beauty in the world.

I actually love that film, but I don't love that line. How fucking corny!

My day was again uneventful.... went for an early morning swim, followed by an hr or so of battling the crowds at the Sth Melb market ... where I purchased the most delish cheese, and found myself.... quite unusually attracted to the woggy guy who sold it to me, was it the heady rush from the cheese that produced such a reaction....perhaps! I'm back there tomorrow anyway, to grab some more .... so I'll have an opportunity to see whether or not Cheese Guy really does have something to offer!

Feedback is good, love feedback, give me feedback ... haven't had any on the new blog yet guys, notice how it's looking more like the blog of old? I've even lifted some of the info (like "about me" stuff) straight from the old blog!

"Ordinary life does not interest me. I seek only the high moments. I am in accord with the surrealists, searching for the marvelous." - Anais Nin

posted by The Princess 9:24 PM
Thursday, January 30, 2003
You'll notice things are starting to look a bit more like the blog of old. It's taken me a while, and I still have some stuff to add .... but I'm getting there. I must however apologise about the cats ... they're here to stay (for a lil while), get over it!!

I had a mind-blowingly dull day, and the highlight was really my eating experiences and the pleasures derived from said food. I came to some conclusions about pizza, while I was.... oddly enough, eating pizza!!!

Whereas your standard dish of nachos is the product of Tex-Mex mentality, I think pizza has been distorted by virtually every popular international cuisine. Having moved far from the original (and delicious) concept of tomato and cheese, today's postmodern pizzas are adorned with all things hip and la-de-dah. We have artichokes, sundried tomatoes, semi-dried tomatoes, blue vein cheese, potato, kalamata olives (a far cry from standard Spanish black olives), caramelised onion, roast garlic, pumpkin, haloumi cheese, bocconcini, cucumber, yogurt and even bok choi. And I once heard of guacamole as a base sauce, eeeeeew! But I'm sorry; it's just not pizza. it's a complete travesty of the modern cuisine, how dare we take such a delicious and simplistic food and demonize it in such a disrespectful way.

JJ and I were discussing the concept of outrageous pizza names. I'm sure it's been done somewhere (nothing's unique anymore), but wouldn't it be great to select from a menu that included such delicacies as Hell's Inferno and The River of Hades (essentially topped with chillies), Tectonic Vegetarian (massive slabs of roast vegetables on a tomato base), Hong Kong Stir Fry (with an assortment of Asian vegetables, guaranteed to have been fertilised with human manure), Sushi Galore (bring on the nori - tho how would one do the raw fish on a cooked pizza?), Human Cadaver (literally – it would suit some of the militant vegetarians) or even John Howard's Tertiary Vision (no topping on a mouldy base)? I'd love it.

I get quite passionate about food, as u're well aware ... and I have to say if there was just one thing I could change in the world of food - one way I could make a difference, it'd be to stop all those smart arse chefs who insist of covering the humble pizza base with ungodly things like asparagus and bean shoots, then giving it some fucking ridiculous name that takes up 3 pages on the menu. Enough I tell u! Hmmm, 2 posts in a row about food ... I'm sensing an obsession.

Now, onto business of the day.... I'm in Melbourne until Wednesday morning of next week. I know this means I'll miss Raelene's 25th, but that's what she gets for being born on the same day as my fav brother. Someone please pass on a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY for me, or better still... if someone has her email address, that'd be super. Oh, and can anyone remind me of when she's making the big move?


posted by The Princess 9:24 PM
Well, here we are again. I trust u've all received the new blog details ...otherwise u wouldn't be here reading this. As I explained in the email, it was most definitely time for a change - good as a holiday and all, and we're all very much aware of the fact that holidays really do seem to elude me!

Can't guarantee this blog will be any more thrilling than the last, and I do believe we may even have a few new regulars.... the KG is joining us, well he SAYS he might read it, and I guess it's here I must apologise to all of u, who have been hoping for updates on my sex life .... sorry, u fiends, it ain't gonna be happening (anymore). Anna has also expressed an interest in keeping up to date with things, but u can all rest easy..... she is the ultimate extrovert and will love nothing more than to be able to read about herself online - so the Anna stories will continue. U'll also notice I have taken to naming each post again ... not sure how long this will last, but I'll try super hard.

Not going to write much today ...(like I haven't said that b4) ... kinda sleepy and my mind is feeling a lil foggy, must be all that smoke in the air! But I do want to share a new discovery with u.

I stumbled upon a most decadent treat, the pairing of fresh raspberries with dark chocolate Tim-Tams. I discovered it today, quite by accident. Take note, the dark
Chocolate variety is of utmost importance – milk chocolate has no place with fresh fruit. I can't believe I'm suggesting anything other than milk chocolate, but yes.... the dark is the way to go. Now, don't ask for an explanation of how one stumbles upon such things, u would never believe me even if I did feel compelled to tell.

I see Iraqniphobia was again unleashed upon the world, I take it we all saw Georgie boy at his most grand today? I'm sure Daddy would be so proud! Do u think we ever grow out of that whole thing, the need to have our parents feel proud of us? I'm starting to feel somewhat concerned, u might even say I'm a lil panicked, ... I figured by the time we hit 30, the need would be gone but nooooooo, George has poured cold water on that theory.

It's been disgustingly hot here in Melbourne today, but thank god it is now raining and the temp has dropped about 10 degrees. Was planning on heading home tomorrow, but not sure now..... heading to Byron in a couple of days for big bros 40th ...(woo fucking hooo) then the Norah Jones concert here next Tuesday, so really ...can't see the point in going home. I guess I'll come to a decision tomorrow.

OOOOOOOh, did we hear about where Crispy has been hangin' out? I received a press release earlier today saying he spent the day with Tony 'most ppl I know think that I'm crazy' Blair .... my my, Jim is moving up in the world, any chance he may be considering a step up to Federal politics????

I'll leave u on that note, and will say a biiiig HELLO to Chris B, sorry I haven't emailed in a while, and sorry my recent one was a 'mass' job. Love to all!

OOOOH. this post was meant to be online Wednesday 29th ...had problems with blogger, so it's late.

posted by The Princess 10:53 AM


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