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------------------ First Cut Is The Deepest...I would have given you all of my heart But there's someone who's torn it apart And he's taken just all that I had But if you want I'll try to love again Baby, I'll try to love again but I know The first cut is the deepest Baby I know the first cut is the deepest But when it comes to being lucky he's cursed When it come to loving me he's worst I still want you by my side Just to help me dry the tears that I've cried And I'm sure going to give you a try And if you want I'll try to love again (tryyy) Baby, I'll try to love again but I know The first cut is the deepest Baby I know the first cut is the deepest But when it comes to being lucky he's cursed When it come to loving me he's worst I still want you by my side Just to help me dry the tears that I've cried But I'm sure gonna give you a try 'Cause if you want I'll try to love again (try to love again) Baby, I'll try to love again but I know The first cut is the deepest Baby I know, the first cut is the deepest When it come to being lucky he's cursed When it come to loving me he's worst The first cut is the deepest baby i know The first cut is the deepest try to love again...-Sheryl Crow

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Monday, March 31, 2003

UPDATED - songs, links, words etc.
posted by The Princess 10:10 AM
Sunday, March 30, 2003
What does it say about you, if you walk into a bar, and when the guy behind the bar asks you for your drinks order you say "well ... what's good today?"

Then the barman gives you a puzzled look and says "aaahhhh ... it's all pretty good, what can I get you?"

Which you reply to by slapping a $50 note on the bar and saying "uuuuummmmm .... how about you surprise me"


posted by The Princess 10:55 PM
Saturday, March 29, 2003
Curiosity occasionally gets the better of me and I'm forced to check out the stats for my site and find out how people stumbled across my blog on search engines. I'm often amused by the things people search for ... but what I found yesterday left me utterly amazed. Below is a link to Google ... and the search that brought a certain French person to my site.

http://www.google.fr/search?q=horse fucking&hl=fr&lr=&le=utf

Now I'm sorry, but HORSE FUCKING??? My god, I know the French do things a little differently to those of us down here in the southern hemisphere, but HORSE FUCKING???

Those crazy bloody French, first they're calling the US arrogant (which they are, but it's kind of hypocritical coming from the French) now they're fucking horses!

I'd love to discuss the bizarre notion of horse fucking in detail, and how a search for it actually resulted in a link to my site (I don't remember making reference to ANY form of animal fucking) but really, it's just too disturbing to even think about ...let alone discuss at great length ... so I'm afraid I'm just going to leave the topic of horse fucking well alone.

However, I did also notice many visitors arrived at this site while looking for lyrics to the funny little ditty "Love Song" by Amiel. It seems my blog comes up as the number 1 site on Google when you search for "another fucking love song amiel" or any other combination of those words with different lyrics from the song. (By the way, if you're here now looking for the lyrics ... see left hand side of the screen)

Now, is it just me or does there seem to be a theme running through my blog? I wouldn't have thought my blog was THAT bad, but obviously my use of the word "fucking" is somehow highlighted by Google and Yahoo. This seems to be slightly bizarre, considering all the porn sites around ... I'm sure, if you were so inclined to search for the word "fucking" on Google, the first 50 or so result would all be links to porn sites ... but obviously, if you add the right combination of words to "fucking" (like "amiel" or "horse") you're going to be directed to my blog. Oooooh, the shame of it!

I'm sure there's a moral to my story ... but I'm not too good on morals, so I'm kinda missing it. Would any one like to help me out on that one?

posted by The Princess 1:06 PM
Thursday, March 27, 2003


If you are looking for links to news and info about the war, go here Things Of Shock And Awe
posted by The Princess 8:34 AM
Tuesday, March 25, 2003

(Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty)
Does anyone else wish the 'powers that be' in TV Land would get a clue, and bring back ALF? Yes, I am talking about the furry carpet-covered, little guy who hailed from the planet Melmac and graced our television screens during the eighties.

ALF was actually one of best shows to come out of the eighties. I can't see why we have to suffer through re-runs of the painfully sentimental 'Family Ties' ... or the cheesy, unfunny dribble served up by 'The Cosby Show' ... yet, no ALF .... what about ALF, it was, without question, quality television.

I can't help but laugh when I think about ALF .... who could forget ALF's real name, Gordon Shumway .... see, even his name was funny, or the love-hate relationship he had with the family cat, Lucky .... oh how I wished ALF's dream of tucking into some roast Lucky would one day be realised.

And what about the crush ALF had on Lynn Tanner ... there was something oddly romantic, even erotic about that unrequited-love story. And then there was the time when ALF invented a fur-covered couch so no one would be able to tell when he was shedding on the furniture ... but it didn't go over well, so ALF shaved the couch to make it look normal again.

And ALF gave some of the best advice on life, he had a way of imparting the most profund wisdom upon the viewer .... like "Never stick your face in a bag full of angry squirrels." ... or ... "Don't ever play the piano with your teeth". I mean really, where else would you get advice like that ... who else would tell you those things?

Might not the world be a happier, more rounded place with a daily dose of ALF? I think so.

"Haaa, I kill me".

posted by The Princess 7:04 PM
Monday, March 24, 2003
If you are looking for war information on the web go here
posted by The Princess 7:56 PM
Today is officially day 5 of the "War" so to celebrate I thought I'd share 5 random thoughts I've had in the last 12 hours.

1. Apparently "Bringing Democracy" is actually a military command ... something similar to "engage" or "fire".

2. Saddam Hussein kills people in Iraq. George W. Bush kills people in Iraq.

Maybe these guys have more in common than they care to admit, perhaps they should get together and "do lunch". I'm sure they'd have a nice discussion on the most inhumane way to kill someone .... Saddam might even learn a thing or two.

3. Anti-war protesters and their peace demonstrations don't appear to be influencing the Government any, but perhaps they're pissing off the wrong people. Holding up peak-hour traffic, while waving banners and babies is not really ensuring their message is reaching the desired audience. But I can see how we are likely to bear witness to mass carnage on the streets of our major cities as road-rage begins it's own campaign of "shock and awe".

Don't get me wrong ... I'm certainly anti-war, but I kind of think these protesters are wasting their time. Wouldn't their efforts be put to better use by getting on the backs of individual politicians ... especially federal Liberal, scum-sucking, politicians. Nothing gets a pollies attention more than a whole load of people writing to tell them that their job is on the line come election day - money talks, as they say.

So, I say ... if you want to protest against the Government's decision on the war in Iraq ... select the Liberal fascist who resides closest to you and write him/her a detailed letter about why you won't be voting for his/her sorry arse at the next election (even lie if you have to and say that you were actually going to vote for him/her, but now you couldn't possible do so).

You could say something like, "you are supposed to be working for ME, pal! How about getting off your fat arse and doing something to represent ME! I have made a mental note to remember your name, not because of the stellar job you are doing to represent my voice in Canberra, but so when election day rolls around ... my vote will be cast towards anyone that's not YOU!" ... of course it's an individual thing ... feel free to steal my words, but I imagine each protestor has their own idea of what to say.

4. I can't help but think that when Bush and his bullyboys are done with their humanitarian push to liberate Iraq, and democracy arrives at it's destination, Baghdad could be a damn fine place to live.

I'm sure many of those Americans who can actually recall what it's like to live in a democratic country will be eager to relocate to the thriving democratic land of Iraq that Bush is promising to provide. Oh, what progressive times we live in!

5. So ... how about those Aussie cricketers ah! I'm officially allowed to boast today ... now they've actually won the World Cup (was there ever any doubt?) but ummm, I don't really feel like boasting at the moment. However, I do reserve the right to come back here at a latter date and exercise my rights, as an Australian, to sound off about how fabulously superior the Aussie team is, and how every other team in the world is just shit!

Oh, and here's a piece of Michael Moore's glorious acceptance speech from the Oscars.
"... We live in the time where we have fictitious election results that elects a fictitious president. We live in a time where we have a man sending us to war for fictitious reasons. Whether it's the fictition of duct tape or fictition of orange alerts we are against this war, Mr. Bush. Shame on you, Mr. Bush, shame on you. And any time you got the Pope and the Dixie Chicks against you, your time is up."

posted by The Princess 3:58 PM
Sunday, March 23, 2003
OH, NO ... I LOVE IT!!!)

I will resist the urge to boast excessively about the brilliance of the Australian Cricket team during the World Cup, partly because there's still another 3 hours before the final game of the competition starts, and partly (well, mostly) because some of you out there in cyber-land ... who happen to be reading this now, are sad bastards from New Zealand.

Now, I don't generally refrain from gloating about the magnificence of an Australian sporting team simply because I feel sorry for New Zealanders, but I am feeling a little sensitive to the needs of kiwi sporting fans during these troubled times.

With the bitterness of a crushing America's Cup defeat looming large over their heads (who said that Switzerland is a land-locked country ... it's a lie I tell you!) it would be far too cruel for me to highlight the woeful performance of the NZ cricket team during their brief World Cup appearance, and their shame at hardly even registering a mark on the world stage of cricket. As tempting as it is to say "sucked in, we're sooooo much better than you" .... I won't.

But in their (the NZ cricket team's) defense ... I have been told their performance wasn't to blame, it had nothing to do with talent, skill or athleticism of the Kiwi team (or lack there of) ... it was the combined work of the Duckworth/Lewis method of calculation, the South African weather and the bizarre system of carrying over points to future rounds - all of which apparently conspired against the NZ team, in some sinister plot to bring them down. I feel for the guys, I really do!

Anyway, rather than boast I thought it'd be nice to spend a little time today reflecting on the brilliance of the delectable Brett Lee. Not only does he possess musical prowess and a killer, to-die-for smile, he's also a mighty fine cricketer - not terribly gracious or humble ... but when you look that good, who cares!

On another note, if anyone knows where on the net I can find a link to the Baghdad webcam I keep hearing about (but have been too busy/lazy to bother searching for myself) .... please, please, please email me and share. Some say the webcam story is a hoax - but don't bother emailing me to tell me it doesn't exist ... I'm willing to remain blissfully ignorant to such information. I'm a believer ... I believe it's out there somewhere (like the Yeti, the Tasmanian Tiger and little green men).

Flying home to Tassie tonight ... and will be back in Tassie until Thursday.

posted by The Princess 2:24 PM
Saturday, March 22, 2003
What are the essential ingredients of a good life? How do you define a good quality of life?

What would it take for you to be able to wake up tomorrow and say, "I have everything I want"?

If you were to make a list of that, which you'd have to acquire to reach a complete state of contentment, where would you start ... and how long would that list be? Where would you draw the line ... what would be enough?

posted by The Princess 8:35 PM
Friday, March 21, 2003
I've upgraded to Blog*Spot Plus ... so no more ads and I can once again add pictures to the site.

"Support by the Unites States rulers is rather in the nature of the support that the rope gives a hanged man" - Nikita S. Khrushchev.

posted by The Princess 9:49 AM
Thursday, March 20, 2003
While I haven't been devoting a great deal of thought to how a war in Iraq will affect me directly, I have wondered over the last few days how one might explain the situation of war to a child.

It's easy to assume that children have no concern with the horrors of war, that the naive cocoon of youth would protect them from the gruesome details. That a blissful ignorance would eliminate the desire for them to ask, "why is there a war" ... but the reality is, children will ask, and they will question why.

How does one answer such questions? How does one espouse the wisdom of our leaders? How can the need for a war be explained in the language of a child?

As the future generation, today's children will have to live with this new precedent, this new doctorate of pre-emption created by George W. Bush, and his "coalition of the willing".

And while they don't know it yet ... these children are witnessing an irreversible change in the way State power is used. With countries like North Korea and Iran currently accelerating their production of nuclear weapons, I can't help but wonder what actions these nations will resort to if they feel their freedom is "threatened".

Now, I'm hardly the pessimistic type who sees this as 'the beginning of the end', but I am curious as to how all this will be explained away. How will history remember this period in time.

Of course history shows the many failed attempts by the West to "liberate" Iraq and the Middle East region, but how will the current efforts read ... will there be mention of the arrogance of the West and it's blatant disregard for times past. For it's pretermission of previous unsuccessful campaigns against the tyrants of the Middle East? How will the pages of history stand up against what children are told today?

It's impossible to shield a child from the vision of war, even now ... before it has begun. Some might argue this is a good thing, that children shouldn't be shielded from the realities of the world, but I say ... whose reality are they being shown.

As the mainstream media broadcasts stream into our homes we're bombarded with "expert opinions" ... live footage from "the desert" ... and hyped up propaganda from senior politicians across the globe, all sincerely looking us in the eye through the vehicle of the lense ... but who wants their child's understanding of a war to come from the very people who believe it is necessary?

Some of the fundamental aspects of a child's behavioral development are tolerance ...tolerance of others, resolution, and the art of negotiation. So, when a parent has spent years developing these qualities in their child, enforcing them as the rules and expectations of society .... how can it be 'right' to explain away the bully tactics of this war ... furthermore, how can the killing of innocent people be justified as a means to resolving a problem?

While some might argue that as a parent one can choose to inform their child that the Government is wrong, that the leader of our democratic country is a half-wit, with no balls ... but it's not so simple. It fails to make sense of the decisions made, that kind of explanation ignores a child's wide-eyed approach to things ... children are not cynical by nature and they rarely see the bad in people unless its experienced first hand.

I guess I'm no closer to the answer of how it is we define war, and the need for it, to a child. But, by contemplating the question ... by looking at the question in it's most basic form, I've been reminded why I'm so opposed to a war on Iraq, why I so bitterly look upon George W. Bush and his Brown-Nose Boys as the tyrants of the West.

Right now ... this whole situation ..... I see it's as being about the world we're shaping for the next generation. I see how today's actions, actions of just a few men to "liberate" millions, may determine the future pattern of life for the children of today. And I see that their liberty, their freedom is being put in jeopardy before they even have a chance to realise it.

Back in Melbourne until Sunday ... who said there's a bloody drought on, huh?

posted by The Princess 12:19 AM
Tuesday, March 18, 2003
With all the talk of war I could have written many things, but time doesn't permit me to unleash my thoughts on it all ... maybe another day. So, instead I've chosen to write something of love.

- A Memory of Us -
A thought of you, wet recollection
Our erotic dance without music
Disrobing, layers fall free
Enchanted gaze, your eyes devour me
Adoration requited, your body of extremes before me
You lips drink of me and I of you
Burning kisses, gasping for air
Tongues speak not with words
Naked bodies fiercely grabbing
Hunger for loves flesh
Throb before our eyes, blood pulsed by touch
In your hands my passions released
Cautious exploration, wantings freed
Struggling but not for escape
Intimacy touches us with velvet strokes
Your intense gaze transfixes me with wanting
Soft rhythm, sway, plunge, rise, fall
Continuous surge into my desire
Lunge faster, concentrated tenderness
Deeper than lust, surpassing just sex
Pressing need to merge, combine
Insatiable desire to be as one
Gasping cries, fluids flow in time
Reality drifts away
Clouded in a private haze of ecstasy
Lush emotions envelop us, bliss

Tonight is a full moon, remember it is a time of renewal and to make plans and changes for the month ahead. Enjoy!

posted by The Princess 4:51 PM
Saturday, March 15, 2003
It seems my passing reference to Travis Fimmel in a blog post last month has caused an unusually high amount of traffic to be directed towards my blog, via Google. I can only assume this means his star is on the rise ... but for those of you that have arrived here looking for details about him, sorry to disappoint ... but my knowledge of Travis is limited to how fab he looks in Calvin Klein underwear and that he is apparently set to be the next Tarzan.

Materialism is often perceived to be a modern concept. We assume that our great-grandparents where a whole lot less likely to be troubled by the 'need' to surround themselves with material things ... who'd have time to sit and watch a flat screen digital TV when there were fields to be plowed, right?

Despite popular opinion, I've often thought that the excess of the eighties never actually died ... (it was just the big hair, men who wore make up and the trashy clothes that disappeared). Our desire to have it all, and have it now appears to have grown in the last 20 years, but is it actually a new concept ... have the last 2-3 generations really been the pioneers of materialism?

It would seem not.

This is going to be one of those times where I actually find myself publicly admitting I was wrong, and that all my pre-conceived ideas and thoughts were way off. (I know I know ... a rare and unusual occurrence - lap it up while u can).

While we are surrounded by a thoroughly materialistic society, (and some of u are a large part of that society) on reflection I can see that it's not new ... it's always been there, just a few things have changed over the years, such as ...what we counter-balance materialism with.

There has always been a misconception that a person of wealth is, for some reason, a more worthy member of society. That the farmer who owns the most land ... or the tribesman with the most camels (or whatever the fuck tribesman value), somehow deserves more respect, and even more authority than those with less. It has been assumed that ones acquisition of more material possessions represents ones worth as a person. And talk of ones values has always been more to do with dollars and cents than beliefs or moral standards.

This is in danger of becoming a philosophical discussion ... and that wasn't really my intention, it's just I had this blinding flash of clarity (nothing to do with a vast quantity of alcohol consumed, no) ... like, why people find it so necessary to acquire large quantities of, and display their material assets. It's not really a generational thing, it's a cultural thing.

We live in a culture (a culture that has been around for hundreds of years) that defines a person's goodness, their worth, their desirability, by their material wealth. Rarely is someone revered for their spirituality, or for their strength of character ... no, it's just the things we burden ourselves with that become the measure of our contribution to society.

But why does materialism seem worse today? Why does it appear to me, to be some new fault with society?

Despite my opinions on organised religion ... people of previous generations generally had a spiritual connection and regarded it as a fundamental aspect of life. No one can deny that our modern culture has lost touch with a sense of spirituality, maybe that's why materialism seems to overshadow society today ... maybe it's why I have only seen it as a recent problem. Maybe we don't have enough depth and meaning in our lives to balance out all the meaningless crap. Don't get me wrong, I'm certainly not suggesting we should all "find God" (because really, I wouldn't even know where he might have been lost) nor do I think religion will save us from the evils of materialism. But perhaps we are trying to replace that lost spirituality with material possessions ... just a thought.

And where did this train of thought spring from, how did I get to any of these mixed up ideas I hear u ask (well I don't actually hear you asking it, but I can imagine a few of u might be scratching your heads and wondering "what the fuck...." - right about now) .... well, I happened to be reading something about the Hausa people of West Africa and an ancient love potion they use to attract women. The potion consists of, among other things, dried bats. What really grabbed my attention and got me thinking though, was the proverb that accompanies the ancient potion ... "forget the bat magic, the real charm for getting a woman is money".

Now call me naive, but I always had this romantic notion that people who, so long ago, developed such love potions would be unaffected by materialistic ideals and sentiments, that such people would be unswayed by the almighty dollar and hold firm the belief that love conquers all ..... but nooooooo, was I wrong. The cynicism of said proverb may well have been a reflection on their confidence in the power of their own spell casting, but I doubt it.

It was this shattering of illusions that brought me to my current thoughts on the modernity of materialism, or rather the thought that materialism is NOT exclusive to recent times, it's just that our modern culture lacks anything which acts to lessen the impact of a society driven by the need to have 'things'.

BUT ... I have to add, it's not always a bad thing to have ones illusions shattered .... it can actually be quite a liberating feeling, as I've recently discovered.

I'm back in the bustling metropolis that is Launceston and at this stage it seems as though I will be here until Wednesday. I'm rather busy with work at the moment, so I may not get an opportunity to update my blog much over the next 2 weeks. By the end of the month I will have a clearer schedule for work and will know what part of the country I need to be in and when, so hopefully I can resume some kind of social life again

*Updated links and songs*

posted by The Princess 12:40 PM
Friday, March 14, 2003
posted by The Princess 12:20 PM
Monday, March 10, 2003
Please excuse my lame post today, I did have another topic ear-marked to add to my blog, however it was stolen by another, more appropriate site and can be viewed, for a limited time here

While racking my brains for an interesting subject to explore, I decided to actually read a few of the many junk emails I get every god damn day, and I happened to notice that I received my first Nigerian scam letter last night.

Until now I felt slighted somehow. I've gotten everything from penis enlargement ads (very handy when you don't own a penis) to ads about working from home and becoming a millionaire (hmmmm.. because I seem to fit the enterprising-young-thing mould, right?) but the Nigerian bankers didn't deem me worthy of their millions. Wasn't I "honest" and "reliable"? Wasn't I a "person who will be capable for this important business" Last night my wish came true.

The following words washed over me like the holy water of baptism: "I BELIEVE IN GOD (well, at least someone is vouching for me) THAT YOU WILL NEVER LET ME DOWN IN THIS BUSINESS, YOU ARE THE ONLY PERSON THAT I HAVE CONTACTED FOR THIS BUSINESS FOR NOW" (my, my .... was I feeling special upon reading this).

I am reliable. I am honest. And, (according to my new Nigerian pals, who obviously know very little about me) soon I'll be a millionaire. I feel like I'm now officially part of the Internet community. Like I've just been handed a membership card to an exclusive (ok, maybe not so exclusive) country club. I don't even know what to celebrate... dare I formulate a response?

After the shock of being "selected" by those reputable Nigerians had passed I then noticed the large amount of spam, with enticing subject lines ... obviously some spam writing genius had carefully chosen his lines to draw my curiosity, but all they seemed to manage, the only response I had ... was one of sniggering sarcasm. The more notable ones were:

Spam: "how come you was not there"
Me: Maybe because your bad grammar is pissing me off?

Spam: "RE: you coming to dinner tomorrow night?.. "
Me: Ummm. No. But it's a kind offer.

Me: Ahhh... I don't know what kind of farms you've been to, but most animals I've seen don't wear clothes. Maybe I'm missing the point here.

Spam: "Amazing Formula Adds 3 Inches in 10 Days!"
Me: Geeee, I *would* like to be a little taller, but maybe not 3 inches!

Spam: "Discover Everything You Ever Wanted To Know..... "
Me: Like how to make you bastards stop fucking spamming me?

Spam: "Don’t leave your footprints on the Internet"
Me: Sorry. I always forget to wipe my feet before logging on.

posted by The Princess 8:52 PM
Sunday, March 09, 2003
Let me just say "hello" to my new Pakistani reader, may your reading be most pleasurable

While I was at work the other day (yes .... I do have an actual place of employment that I show up to occasionally) I noticed a striking display of drawings and artwork by the children impounded in the Woomera Detention Centre. They depicted various aspects of regimented life, and many of the images would have functioned as clever black comedy if the stark reality of the situation was removed.

My favourite drawing was one of people lining up for medical treatment while complaining of various ailments. Yet the medical staff (ie. probably private security guards) kept prescribing glasses of water. "Just drink more water. You'll feel wonderful."

Much of the artwork was highly depressing, and contained lots of fences, lines of people, security guards and signs of alienation and unhappiness.

I did wonder whether perhaps there was some external involvement in the composition of some of the pieces, as thematically they seemed a bit too complex for young children. But I'm no pediatrician or child analyst, and such artwork would probably be a natural response to confinement in the desert. Just another protest placard I guess.

On a different topic, I was watching the evening news tonight, and for the first time (that I've noticed anyway) the mainstream media has shown some kind of fair treatment towards Saddam. One of the more notable things involved the highlighting of Saddam's call for the UN to investigate Israel and their WMD. One has to agree with Saddam, no matter what the opinion of him may be .... he certainly makes a damn good point. I could go on about my disgust at Israel and their appalling arrogance towards the people of Palestine, but time prevents me, perhaps I'll save it for another day.
*Updated links and songs*

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Friday, March 07, 2003
First up, (in the words of Madonna) I'd like to direct your attention to something that needs directing to ..... no, it's not more about the joys of oral sex, it's a blog written by one of the men in my life ... a rather significant man in my life actually ... go check it out

I used to love going to the movies. The smell of the popcorn, the fellow movie-goers, the buzz of the big screen - all very exciting! However, the one dampener of the movie going experience, I must say, is the adverts they whore at the beginning of a film.

There are too many commercials leading up to the main attraction with the commercial to end all commercials, the movie.

Movies today have become synonymous with advertising. Strategic product placements, savvy namedropping by actors and worst of all, blatant sponsorship.

Do advertising execs take the general public for morons? Do they think we cannot see when they are trying to be clever, but really are just looking stupid? It's not hard to guess when Coca Cola is involved in some sort of project. You'll see every second person drinking Coke or Coke-related products... especially if you're Britney Spears and you're sponsored by Pepsi.

Movies are the whores of the entertainment industry and what makes them the dirtiest whores is that it is allegedly all subliminal and non-invasive. I don't know about you, but if you're going to try to use your propaganda on me, be blatant about it, because I might then contemplate giving you the 30 seconds of my life that you don't deserve. Hmm... actually, no I wouldn't. However, by using product placement you're only begging for me to loathe you just a little more than I already do.

For example, the Bond plague. James Bond drove BMW. He drank Smirnoff. And he legendarily wore only Rolex. However, due to some power play and shift in advertising dollars, Bond now whores himself to Aston Martin, binges on Finlandia vodka and sports an Omega watch.

Even an institution like James Bond can't escape the power of the product placement and advertising dollars, and in fact, actually whores itself to the advertising dollars, because let's face it, without all the classy products James and co. use and abuse, Le Institution de James Bond would not have made it past 1980.

I'm staying in Melbourne for the weekend now. I have a "date" tomorrow night, tho it's just me accompanying a friend to a thing. Probably back in Tassie on Sunday night.

posted by The Princess 12:38 PM
Tuesday, March 04, 2003
shifting a little further down
no words
kiss, breathe
leave in suspense
that moment, head lower
first lick, electric thrill
wet tongue on supple lips
long, light upwards strokes
slow lingering, gentle strokes
tongue rigid, entering
breath quickens
plunging in, out, in out
finger sliding
muscles clench
2 fingers now
curved up, inward
fingers thrusting
back arched
licking to sucking
stimulating suction, gentle flicking
pulling in, releasing
tongue free roaming
mouth sucking
light pressure, then firm
speed increases
suction again
flicking again
thrusting again
over and over
again and again
breathing faster
writhing body
urgency increases
divine wave builds
stomach muscles tighten
audible moans
body twisting
pelvis rises
hands clench
tightness, tension climbs
legs shudder
no fight, don't stop
nothing matters
pleasure sucked in
blinding ecstasy
breath held
nothing exists, just that moment
release overcomes all senses
then it's gone
body limp
deep breathes
and indulgence is done.


posted by The Princess 8:46 PM
Monday, March 03, 2003
Whenever I visit the home of a particular friend ... let's call him Jason (cos well ... that's his name) ... I find it extremely difficult to focus on conversation. I might be in the middle of saying something terribly important, when something distracts me and grabs my attention. From the corner of my eye I catch sight of a flashing light over by the television, and my focus is drawn to that corner like a moth to a light bulb. But I already know the source, even before I look: his damn VCR is flashing “12:00” then "12:00" and then "12:00" (etc etc) and it has been for the last 18 months.

How is it that he can let an appliance continue to demand attention? It sits in the corner, plaintively flashing its display, as if saying "Oi! Hey! Oi! Hey!"

And yet, no one has spent the minute or two it takes to set the clock and pacify the poor machine. Whenever I catch sight of the flashing clock in Jason’s lounge room, I’m reminded of the people across the street that let their dog bark throughout the night. Dogs, on the other hand, eventually tire and stop (usually by the early hours of the morning). A VCR never gives up.

We draw conclusions about people who let their dog bark all night. The owner might be lazy, might be irresponsible. The owner might be asleep or deaf... or at least dead. But none of these attributes apply to Jason (though it must be said, he does suffer the typical 'selective deafness syndrome' that most men seem to be born with)

I think the answer might be in the what the VCR represents to Jason. A VCR is an intrusion of modern technology into the lounge room, which is the inner sanctum of his home. As a sacred place in his home life, the lounge room should not be ruled by a machine. A human being must never take second place to the needs of a VCR. Letting it continue its plaintive appeal for attention is Jason's statement to all his guests that he has little respect for the needs of a mere machine.

All the same, at this very moment I'm alone in his house - looking at that damn flashing VCR, and I'm about to succumb to it's plea for attention ... just excuse me while I go set the clock!

Evil, aren't I?

I'm back in Melbourne until Friday. You won't be able to catch me on my (Melbourne) home phone number though, so if anyone needs me you can call my mobile.

OOOOOH, and I wish to remind everyone that today, being 03-03-03, is International Threesome Day .... so go watch, participate, or organise a 3some. Now I'm sure you're wondering how I know it's International Threesome Day, and I'm sure you're somewhat skeptical about it's validity ... well get over it and just trust what I say (I mean the information came to me from the gloriously intelligent Adam Spencer ... do you dare doubt him?). There won't be another International Threesome Day for a thousand or so years, and I guarantee you won't enjoy it nearly as much by then so GO ON ... hurry up, there's only 10hrs and 40 minutes left in the day!


posted by The Princess 12:21 PM
Saturday, March 01, 2003
Ever switch on Channel V and notice a plethora of wankers who define themselves as real tough dawg gangsta rappers who also have very gay, girly names? Hmmm, well I did, yesterday morning as it happens.

I mean don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot else wrong with gangsta rappers apart from their names. For starters they can’t spell the word “gangster” but supposedly it’s okay to rape the English language if you are a black American or pretending to be a black American.

There’s Nelly, everyone’s favourite self-indulgent wanker who has an album called “Nellyville” and a duet with the Ugly Child O’ Destiny – Kelly Rowland, who feeds the ego monster by willingly singing the words “Nelly I love you, Nelly I need you” etc (and something about a fucking “boo” which makes me want to slap her.)

Nelly is an old woman’s name. Everyone knows that, so why the hell would some bad-ass gangsta pimp dawg want to call himself Nelly is beyond me. Unless its his gangsta pimp dawg DRAG name.

Other things wrong with Nelly include his dress sense (he has a penchant for ugly tracksuits and other shit like yellow headbands.) the fact he dances like a retard, and that stupid band-aid he feels compelled to wear at all times. Apparently he wears it to show solidarity for some dickhead friend who is in jail and he won’t take it off till his friend busts out of the slammer. I was informed by Matt once that he wears it because he has AIDS. I don’t know if Matt is a reliable source of information on the gangsta rapping world. Either way, wearing a band-aid doesn’t make me think “Oh he’s so noble towards incarcerated felons/AIDS patients ... I really admire his wit and his stance.”

Nelly is also (and I plagiarise one of Father's classic sayings here) 'as ugly as a hatful of arseholes'. Yet allegedly women want to fornicate with this beast. Hmmm, I find it very hard to believe .... call me a cynic!
Other gangsta fag names of note include all the Puff Daddy names – Sean “Puffy” Coombes, P.Diddy, Fag Puffy ... whatever the hell he is calling his talent less arse this week. Then there are all the old favourites, Snoop Doggy Dogg, Lil Bow Wow, and Coolio with new ones popping up every day.

Yo bitch don’t be dissin’ on me and my badass homies... my name is MC Fluffy Pantz.

That's my rant for today. I'm too fucking tired to write anything vaguely interesting, seems some bastard kept me up til 4am chatting about the state of his garden.

I'll be travelling back to Melbourne on Monday morning and will probably spend the week there looking at houses. I just wish I could feel kinda excited about the prospect of spending hours and hours looking through other people's places, trying to imagine myself living there and enduring bucket-loads of clichéd bullshit from some woggy guy (that'd be the real estate agent) who wants to rip either me, or the owners of the property off, all in the name of making himself wealthy ...... oh what joy!

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