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Saturday, March 15, 2003
It seems my passing reference to Travis Fimmel in a blog post last month has caused an unusually high amount of traffic to be directed towards my blog, via Google. I can only assume this means his star is on the rise ... but for those of you that have arrived here looking for details about him, sorry to disappoint ... but my knowledge of Travis is limited to how fab he looks in Calvin Klein underwear and that he is apparently set to be the next Tarzan.

Materialism is often perceived to be a modern concept. We assume that our great-grandparents where a whole lot less likely to be troubled by the 'need' to surround themselves with material things ... who'd have time to sit and watch a flat screen digital TV when there were fields to be plowed, right?

Despite popular opinion, I've often thought that the excess of the eighties never actually died ... (it was just the big hair, men who wore make up and the trashy clothes that disappeared). Our desire to have it all, and have it now appears to have grown in the last 20 years, but is it actually a new concept ... have the last 2-3 generations really been the pioneers of materialism?

It would seem not.

This is going to be one of those times where I actually find myself publicly admitting I was wrong, and that all my pre-conceived ideas and thoughts were way off. (I know I know ... a rare and unusual occurrence - lap it up while u can).

While we are surrounded by a thoroughly materialistic society, (and some of u are a large part of that society) on reflection I can see that it's not new ... it's always been there, just a few things have changed over the years, such as ...what we counter-balance materialism with.

There has always been a misconception that a person of wealth is, for some reason, a more worthy member of society. That the farmer who owns the most land ... or the tribesman with the most camels (or whatever the fuck tribesman value), somehow deserves more respect, and even more authority than those with less. It has been assumed that ones acquisition of more material possessions represents ones worth as a person. And talk of ones values has always been more to do with dollars and cents than beliefs or moral standards.

This is in danger of becoming a philosophical discussion ... and that wasn't really my intention, it's just I had this blinding flash of clarity (nothing to do with a vast quantity of alcohol consumed, no) ... like, why people find it so necessary to acquire large quantities of, and display their material assets. It's not really a generational thing, it's a cultural thing.

We live in a culture (a culture that has been around for hundreds of years) that defines a person's goodness, their worth, their desirability, by their material wealth. Rarely is someone revered for their spirituality, or for their strength of character ... no, it's just the things we burden ourselves with that become the measure of our contribution to society.

But why does materialism seem worse today? Why does it appear to me, to be some new fault with society?

Despite my opinions on organised religion ... people of previous generations generally had a spiritual connection and regarded it as a fundamental aspect of life. No one can deny that our modern culture has lost touch with a sense of spirituality, maybe that's why materialism seems to overshadow society today ... maybe it's why I have only seen it as a recent problem. Maybe we don't have enough depth and meaning in our lives to balance out all the meaningless crap. Don't get me wrong, I'm certainly not suggesting we should all "find God" (because really, I wouldn't even know where he might have been lost) nor do I think religion will save us from the evils of materialism. But perhaps we are trying to replace that lost spirituality with material possessions ... just a thought.

And where did this train of thought spring from, how did I get to any of these mixed up ideas I hear u ask (well I don't actually hear you asking it, but I can imagine a few of u might be scratching your heads and wondering "what the fuck...." - right about now) .... well, I happened to be reading something about the Hausa people of West Africa and an ancient love potion they use to attract women. The potion consists of, among other things, dried bats. What really grabbed my attention and got me thinking though, was the proverb that accompanies the ancient potion ... "forget the bat magic, the real charm for getting a woman is money".

Now call me naive, but I always had this romantic notion that people who, so long ago, developed such love potions would be unaffected by materialistic ideals and sentiments, that such people would be unswayed by the almighty dollar and hold firm the belief that love conquers all ..... but nooooooo, was I wrong. The cynicism of said proverb may well have been a reflection on their confidence in the power of their own spell casting, but I doubt it.

It was this shattering of illusions that brought me to my current thoughts on the modernity of materialism, or rather the thought that materialism is NOT exclusive to recent times, it's just that our modern culture lacks anything which acts to lessen the impact of a society driven by the need to have 'things'.

BUT ... I have to add, it's not always a bad thing to have ones illusions shattered .... it can actually be quite a liberating feeling, as I've recently discovered.

I'm back in the bustling metropolis that is Launceston and at this stage it seems as though I will be here until Wednesday. I'm rather busy with work at the moment, so I may not get an opportunity to update my blog much over the next 2 weeks. By the end of the month I will have a clearer schedule for work and will know what part of the country I need to be in and when, so hopefully I can resume some kind of social life again

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